The winery with capacity for vinification of about 8 500 000 liters is equipped with the most modern equipment, namely decanters, crushers and pneumatic presses of high yield, that allow the arrival of the grapes to the fermentation tanks, in the shortest possible time, thus avoiding oxidation.

The fermentation of white, red and rose musts develops in stainless steel tanks with automated temperature control.

Flash Detente

The Thermovinific Flash Detente allows to obtain red wines very fruited and concentrated.

This innovative process of vinification consists in the thermal treatment (thermal shock), which quickly raises of the temperature of the grape, followed by a rapid cooling and that allows to extract the full potential of the grape.

With this vinification technique, harmful enzymes are inactivated, making the wines less subject to oxidation.
It conduces to greater color extraction of grapes and turns the wines more smoother, more fruity and stable, so that the quality of the wines is significantly improved and their characteristics more adapted to the demands of the market.

Quality means doing the right thing when no one is watching.

A.J. Vinhos is a company that acts in a medium of constant progress, focusing on the quality of our wines in order to reach – increasingly – the excellence and meet the expectations of our customers.

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