A.J.Vinhos is a family business, with the experience of 3 generations, whose knowledge has passed from parents to children, dedicates to the culture of the vines and the transformation of the grape into wine.


With the purpose of preserving the legacy of his father and taking advantage of his vast experience around 50 years in the sector, and with the determination and entrepreneurial spiritthat characterizes him, António Joaquim Rego, has dedicated his life to developing his vocation, making it a solid company specialized in the production and trade of bulk wines, with the aim of sustainable growth, focused on the quality of the products obtained.

Look ahead

preparing the future


The production of grapes and their transformation into quality wines is our main goal, which we consider a challenge to overcome, as we embrace the mission of discovering the true potential of winemaking.


It is under the motto: “Honoring the Past, Improving the Future”, that we find the constant motivation to continuous improvement, always with the focus on obtaining higher quality wines.


The quality of our products is guaranteed by a set of checks, throughout the whole cycle, from the vineyard to the wine cellar.

The regular accompaniment of the vineyards and the collecting of berries samples after the veraison , allow to harvest the grape in its perfect state of maturation and sanity, capable of bring to the consumers a wines of excellence.


The vineyards are maintained according to the rules of Integrated Production, in harmony with the Environment and the landscape, making our viticulture sustainable and lasting, in which the physiological balance of the plant is privileged, in order to provide to the clusters the ideal microclimate to permit that each variety express its maximum potential in these different terroirs of the Lisbon wine region, in which our vineyards are installed.


In the new vineyards, Portuguese grape varieties were prefered, cultivated according to the most modern wine-growing techniques, which allow the production of grapes with a high qualitative potential, for further processing in the cellar.


Over the years, the company has been establishing partnerships with other grape producers from Another Portuguese wine regions, in order to offer to the consumers different type of wines always with a high quality.


Without the interaction of employees, partners, family and friends, it would not have been possible to achieve the objectives of the company. In this way we want to thank all the support and confidence received during this multi-generation journey, which has helped us not only to strengthen quality of wines, as well as stimulating efforts to reach with hope and dynamism the
path we still want to go.

We want to continue to grow, always oriented to the current market trends, because when we dedicate our time doing what we love, the value of our dreams has another meaning.

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